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Originally Posted by jonasaurus View Post
Did you ever consider the Exige or variants? What swayed you to the Elise?
I did but couldn't justify the extra cost just for a fun weekend toy. The standard Exige 190 has the same engine as my Elise R so not much difference in power, abet the handling is more tuned for track work.
The Exige S is a supercharged version, which is great and I have driven one but all the extra horses are at the top of the rev range. A good second Exige S will set you back between 20k to 25k. I can supercharge mine for less than 3.5k which puts mine in the same league. Then of course you have the 240 cup etc and the honda converted cars, which are seriously quick but only really good for track days.
Mine is a good compromise between the two, great as a daily driver (in the summer), works well on track, didn't break the bank plus I can take the roof off