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Originally Posted by TheDreamer View Post
Is the speed gains of DSG enough to offset the loss of a certain "fun" control factor that comes from ability to manipulate the clutch? What are your opinions?
I would not make the decision based on speed gains, as they will be infinitesimal in the scheme of things. I've been driving manuals for 42 years (except for auto 2nd cars like my ML350). However, I'm seriously considering going with the forthcoming DCT. While a manual transmission is very engaging and takes skill to drive well, noone would have invented this if automatic clutches had been a possiblity. The future is sealed to some type of AMT or DCT. See this aritcle:

Does a more difficult to master tranny make it better? I don't think so. While I'd like to hold my MT mastery over some 16-year old newbie, it doesn't make the technology better. Get rid of the clutch pedal, I say. But, drive both before you decide. The extra difficulty and involvement of an MT may appeal to you, as it has for me all these years.

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