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Modifications #5,6,7 & 8 - Akrapovic Evo Exhaust, Challenge Diffuser, pulleys &intake

There was some good news and some bad news this weekend.

Bad news was that my Competition wheels weren't powdercoated in time for my installation appointment at EAS, which meant I wouldn't be able to see my car with one of its centerpiece visual modifications. Kinda bummed about that, but they said it would be ready next week.

The good news, though, was that after a week of driving anywhere and everywhere for no reason whatsoever, I was able to break my car in AND take it in for its 1200 mile service which meant that... I could beging dropping in some of my performance modifications. Awesome ! So this weekend I dropped in the full titanium Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust system, along with a Challenge Diffuser to round off the look, and Mach Schnell pulley's and intake to round out the performance mods for the day.

Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust & Challenge Rear Diffuser

First thing I have to say is that the Satin Finish Titanium Akra Exhaust makes the M3 stock exhaust just look tiny and ugly by comparison. Putting aside the obvious aural enhancements, it also shaves off about 50 lbs of weight from the car, adds about 20 ft-lbs of torque, and 25 horsepower. Can't complain about that. I was also a huge fan of the exhaust note which sounds slightly more aggressive when driving the car casually, but roars when you push it. Most importantly though, it has almost no drone, and sounds great from the cabin - not intrusive at all. Here are a few pics :


Akra pieces lined up

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Stock M3 exhaust - not too pretty.

Name:  IMG_1681.jpg
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Stock Exhaust Removed

This is what our stock exhaust looks like removed

HUGE difference comparing the stock m3 exhaust to the akra evo

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Working on the X-pipe

Pipes fully installed

now with mufflers

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Challenge rear diffuser fully installed before working on Akra Tips

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Steve Adjusting left tips with a fine toothed comb. Thanks Steve !

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Adjusting right tips


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From the underbelly

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Panoramic Underbelly shot. Thanks to Anthony for stitching this together in Photoshop !


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After again

... and FINALLY

That's it for guys. Pics of an air intake and pulley install aren't exactly exciting. So just trust me... I did those too.

A huge thanks to Steve and Tom over at EAS. Hope you guys Enjoyed our In N Out session ! (Steve can really put food down !! ) Haha. See you guys next week, for wheels & spacers, new M3 stitched DCT shift boot, keyhole cover, and hopefully the Vorsteiner trunk !!


[ESS VT2-625] [Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust] [KW Clubsports] [OSS Angel Eyes] [Revinora r-CRT Lip]
[Vorsteiner Boot] [Challenge Race Diffuser] [See the Build Thread HERE]

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