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Originally Posted by AJ@ESS View Post
You will not melt your piston in a stock Cobra running 8PSI boost even if the IC system fails. All factory FI systems as well as ours are designed so that there is enough margin to compensate for a failing IC system.

Even in our VT2-625 kit you can run hard all day long without a functioning IC system. It will pull some power, but it will run perfectly safe.

This is essential in any FI system, as you can be sure that a percentage of customers will have some sort of IC related failure (pump, electric, kinked hose or lack of coolant) during the course of a cars life, and if this is not taken into consideration you will have a massive amount of very frustrated customers with blown engines.
Wow thanks for the info! Great to know there is a large margin of error. So it would be perfectly safe to run the VT1 @ 5PSI, per se?

Originally Posted by Fsarc View Post
@ESS- Any issues with very cold start ups? (below 25 degrees) Block heater or engine blanket required? Weather has been pretty cold in the Northeast.

Car will always be leaving a temperature controlled garage so no issues there, however return trip I could be facing a cold start up.

Looking at the Vortech warranty page it appears to be an issue (voids warranty). Not sure if this is applicable in the VT-535/575 application.

"Subjecting any Vortech supercharger to a cold start-up condition (below 25 F) without the use of an engine block heater/aftermarket engine blanket."
Awesome question. In my area, temperatures range from -30C to +35C (-22F-95F). Can you comment on this, ESS?