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Originally Posted by Rshane View Post
Thıs ıs true...I melted my #7 pıston twıce due to hıgh temps ın my 03 Cobra...those motors got heat soaked pretty quıckly when doıng hıgh speed runs. I learned my lesson the hard way about hıgh speed 5th and 6th gear pulls.....but ıt dıd pave the way for my Hellıon turbo setup
You will not melt your piston in a stock Cobra running 8PSI boost even if the IC system fails. All factory FI systems as well as ours are designed so that there is enough margin to compensate for a failing IC system.

Even in our VT2-625 kit you can run hard all day long without a functioning IC system. It will pull some power, but it will run perfectly safe.

This is essential in any FI system, as you can be sure that a percentage of customers will have some sort of IC related failure (pump, electric, kinked hose or lack of coolant) during the course of a cars life, and if this is not taken into consideration you will have a massive amount of very frustrated customers with blown engines.