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Hi i think manual personaly, i have driven the smg and own the manual, nothing gives you that thrill factor of going through a apex comming out dropping the clutch poping the next gear and slamming the gas again, it always gives me a buzz, but with the smg it gives you an artifical feeling difficult too explain thats why like above mentioned you have to drive it to feel and understand, and you will know almost immediately what does and what does not get the adrenalin flowing! for me dsg seems to efficient i had the oppurtunity to drive a gallardo with 1 n it just put me right off the car, dont get me wrong its mechanically amazing but the same gear changing all the time n when something is repetative it becomes boring. your paying all that money what for? the drive and involvement, dsg just takes that away, maybe doing things when you dont want and not when you want, so its x amount faster in changing a gear great but you havent done it so it just feels diluted that said many a time when i have got stuck in traffic n thought god an auto would be just brilliant now, but then i think so i have to pop the clutch a few times so what, its worth it because when the road does open up again you work your way through the gears and you have a blast, anyway thats just my opinion i am sure people would have had just as much if not more fun with the smg! each to his own i suppose thats what makes it all exciting!!