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Originally Posted by immiketoo View Post
Based on this thread, I just ordered this... Something I have been needing for a while.
Good luck Mike. My harmony was the biggest piece of shit ever. Set it up, worked fine....for about 2 months. Redid it...fine for a month. Went back to just regular remotes for probably 6-8months, and decided to try and reprogram it. No go, wouldn't learn any codes, devices, anything, and the new interface software for windows 7 was absolute horseshit. Customer support was just as worthless....maybe more so since someone was actually being paid to take your call and be of absolutely no help whatsoever, and actually have less knowledge of the device than you gleaned through troubleshooting it in the 45min before you resorted to calling tech support. I was never as mad at an electronic device as I was that day. I was ready to send a box of my shit to their HQ in California, but I googled it and it's illegal.

I will never buy another Logictech device.