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Originally Posted by Mike@Powerchip View Post
10) Set whether the brake has to be held or not to start the car (particularly useful for automatic cars, can disable the clutch check for manual)
I always disable the clutch switch on all my manual cars, but didn't do it on the M3 because I wouldn't be able to turn 'accessory' and 'ignition' modes on, plus would lose the hill-assist feature. I'd LOVE to be able to start the car without the clutch pedal depressed, but if you code it out, then how do you turn 'accessory' and 'ignition' modes on? Please tell me exactly how coding that out would affect the stock functions.

I'd also like to code out the 'accept' screen, although it goes away after a few seconds. The seatbelt warning is annoying as hell too (and yes, I always wear it, but I have a long driveway). Hey, can you turn off the TPMS warnings??? In case a sensor goes out or the system malfunctions, you don't have the stupid lights and warnings all the time. Curious about that, although during warranty is not going to be an issue.