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Originally Posted by Captain Slow View Post
I'm game for a mini group buy, but the question remains which one to buy? Plus if we can get a group install done as well that would be super. So from reading the post, we have at least 3 people. My cousin has an E92 and am pretty sure he would be in also, so that makes 4.

Would love to see if any of the other vendors want to chime in and make a pitch to us.
Here is the answer to your question

I can definitely offer you guys a GB price. Feel free to give me a call or send us an e-mail (

It's been over a year since we develop this kit (we were the first ones to introduce this kit to BMW community) and since then, we made a lot of changes and adjustments to the kit to make it better and more user friendly. We also figured out a way how to simplify the installation process and make it easier for those who wants to install it themselves.

A few things to consider when you purchase this product. Since other modules are very similar to our product, you should make sure you get the best product for your car.

1. When choosing a camera, make sure it won't cause any problems with the warranty. Other vendors sell cameras that require you to replace the trunk latch which is the part of the BMW Locking Mechanism. By installing aftermarket trunk latch you will void the warranty.

2. When picking a camera, look at the specs of the camera and make sure you will get the best for the money you pay. While some cameras may look alike, they can have completely different specs. You want a camera with CCD sensor (not CMOS). CCD cameras have a better picture quality and a higher number of pixels/TV Lines.

Our cameras come with:
  • Image Sensor - 1/3" SONY COLOR CCD
  • Effective Pixels - 628X582/628X512
  • Resolution(TV Lines) - 480

3. The cameras we sell are made specifically for our shop and come with the New Super Bright White LED light. It perfectly matches the OEM BMW LED illumination. Other cameras that we have seen come with the yellowish LED light.

4. When purchasing a Video Module (Interface), make sure it comes with the Plug&Play harness. You don't want to cut or splice wires on your car. We have seen other vendors taping into CAN Bus and Power supply on a new car which is not the best idea if you want to keep your warranty intact.

These are some things that are not always being covered.

If you have more questions feel free to contact me and I will be glad to assist you.