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a supercomputer is the most expensive and fastest computer for that era. I think this can be applied to supercar as well. In BMW circles, super car would be the M1. For Porsche it would be the 959, GT1, CGT, and now the 918. Ferrari would be the F40, F50, Enzo, P4/5. Other super cars as I would call it would be the Bug Veyron, EB110, McClaren F1. Super cars rarely are alone in an owners collection. I have met owners of some very cool cars such as 1 of 3 GT1's in Germany and a few F40 owners. I always ask what else they have in their collections. the response usually involves many other expensive cars, some aircraft, and a hangar to hold them in. compared to these guys, i'm poor, but it sure is nice to hang out with them. for now, i'll stick to the uninteresting vw bug with the engine on the wrong side, the super 3 series sedan, and a v8 mid-engined fiat.
"It gave you amazing satisfaction, but anyone who says he loved it is either a liar or he wasn't going fast enough." - Jackie Stewart on racing at the Nurburgring