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Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
In many respects, car like M3s and GT3s may be "better" than supercars but they lack the supercar "Panache" and exclusivity.
Excellent point. And that's exactly mine. I bet most supercars don't drive any better than the M3, and you certainly don't need the extra performance, which only tempts you to do something utterly stupid . I consider the M3 the best 'high-tech' performance value for a driving enthusiast. The best peformance value for a driving enthusiast has to be the Vette, but although less powerful, I much prefer the S65, as well as the MUCH better seats and interior of the M3.

I honestly don't desire to own most supercars. Drive them for a day, sure. But own them, no. The one I'd buy is the Aston Martin Vantage V8. I could buy a pristine used one with a few grand more than what I could get for my M3, but am not going to do that. But that car is exactly what I like: elegant, aggressive, beautiful from every angle, sporty but luxurious at the same time, and the best 6MT tranny I've experienced. A friend let me drive his, and it was a great experience. Leather everywhere, and alcantara on the headliner. And QUIETER than the M3 inside . Later gang.