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Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
If we are strictly talking about performance the M3 can give a few "Supercars" a good run for the money but in my opinion the terms "Affordable Super" and "Practical Supercar" are oxymorons.

IMO the term "Supercar" implies exclusivity and unaffordability and "Supercars" are not based in production models and are built in very limited numbers.

"Supercars" are not intended to be practical, affordable or to be daily drivers and they are almost without exception not the only car in the stables of their owners. "Supercars" are generally the highest end and most expensive models of marques that are already expensive and exclusive. There is generally no atempt made to cut costs on a supercar because the manufacturers realize that the limited production will be sold out regardless of price.

As an example I would say that Pagoni Zonda, Bugatti Veyron, and Ferrari Enzo qualify as Supercars and the M3. Dodge Viper, Corvette Z06 and Corvette ZR1 do not, regardless of how well they perform.


You hit the nail right on the head. I think for a car to be classified as a super car it has to be unattainable to the average person.

To have super car like performance and be a super car are two different things.

The GTR Below is a good example. It can run the quarter-mile quicker than a Veyron but no matter how you slice it it is no Veyron...... It is a GTR with Veyron-like performance. Anyone with a GTR and 40-50K to spend on the engine and transmission can own one. To own a Veyron you need to be someone with bottomless pockets. No matter how long me or the majority of people in the world save for a Veyron we are not gonna be able to buy one. I could however Buy a GTR tomorrow and have AMS do the Alpha 10 upgrade for me if that were what I wanted. That difference is what separates a super car from a car with super car like performance.

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