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Originally Posted by Darth335 View Post
This is really making me want to pick one up.


Do you have a record of how many miles your customers of current VT supercharger kits have racked up on them? I am curious if we have any SC M3 owners that have the kit on the car for 40K miles+.

Like most here, I am looking to push some extra power out of my M, and the N/A mods are nice, but only getting 40-50whp max with a considerable investment can be hard to swallow. I am not planning to tracking my car every weekend, perhaps once or twice, but I could use a bit more torque and power, in the most reliable F/I way.

I would suppose my main question is that can I have the VTI-535 for 50K+ miles as a daily driver? Do we have any owners on this board that have hit that mileage with a ESS kit?

150k + miles would not be a problem as long as you did proper maintenance on the car. We have customers running 50k + miles on the E9X M3 VT kits currently without any issues. Our car here in AZ used for testing has 30k + miles of very hard testing and has been running perfect. We have many cars well over 100k miles that run our other BMW supercharger systems without issues. As long as you keep things safe and take care of your engine you can have normal engine life with FI.