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Originally Posted by James T. Kirk View Post
Is The M3 "The Poor Man's Super Car"?... Is a good philosophical question, so let's not get entangled in the definition of rich or poor.

Another way to look at it is this... Given unlimited funds, would the M3 still be our favorite car of choice? Or is the M3 a compromise for something else you or I would prefer to be driving? I must venture to say YES, the M3 is the Poor Man's Super Car.

I purchased an E90 because I have a practical need for 4-doors to accommodate an occasional family outing. I also wanted an all-in-one daily driver with performance power and handling to spice up my commute.

All the money in the world? The Aston Martin Rapide would have been ideal... starting at $199,950. Too rich for my blood... for now.

I suppose a typical E92 driver would prefer to be in a GT3RS... starting at $135,500. Only double the price of an M3.

Certainly, who is poor or rich for these numbers is relative.
I think your question in bold is a totally different question than what the OP is asking. I also think the OP's question can't be answered directly as it's a broad question that needs further refinement.

Kirk - your question sets the "unlimited funds" precendence. When money is not a concern, then all limitations with respect to cost/price are thrown out the window. If I had a trillion dollars (safe to say I'd have unlimited funds right), I doubt the M3 would be my car of choice. That doesn't mean I wouldn't have one (or many) in my garage. Maybe a Bugatti Veyron would my car of choice. Maybe a Koenigsegg Agera. Who knows? Therefore, when money is not a concern, there is no question of a "poor man".

OP - Your question can't be answered without specifying what you consider to be a "poor man" and what you consider to be a "supercar". If I could afford a Veyron, chances are that almost all of the people that look to the 911s (TTS, GT3, etc) as they're dream car are probably "poor" in my books. At the same time, there are people out there that dream of the day that they will own a car like an Acura, Inifiniti, etc. True life example - When my dad bought my mom a 2001 Accord EX, my mom teared up and said the following: "It's always been a dream of mine to have a car that has a moonroof". We were by no means poor, but that's just where her expectations were set. Fast forward 10yrs and she's since had a 5 series and currently an S-class. How the world turns.

That being said, sure you can ask your question, but what kind of answer are you looking for? On the broad level (the level with the most generaliztion), I would answer your question as such: The M3 is not the poor man's supercar. There are other cars out there that give you more horsepower per dollar spent (A regular Corvette to name one). I'm sure people will argue that horsepower alone doesn't define a supercar. I agree 100%. Just keep in mind it's a broad answer to a broad question.