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Let me know if you need some race cars parts for your build. I have a PTG built exhaust and a couple dry sump engines from a Grand Am car.

This exhaust spent much time on the chassis dyno tuning to optimum performance. This particular exhaust system was designed and made by PTG.

These are both built by Lazano
They are both fully blue printed long blocks
This motor dyno'd at 400 HP with motec software and race exhaust

Also have:
Fluidyne Heat exchanger

A new custom made high performance radiator
In a race environment with 70 degree out door temps the car is running at full tilt at about 170 degrees. They tape the grill on colder days to make sure the car doesn't run too cool.

I also have 1 sets of ALCON Calipers with burnished rotors and new pads.
These are BMW M3 Grand Am Cup Kit brakes which run about $3,800.00
The set has some cosmetic damage

Also have a ton of brake pads for PFC and Alcon calipers

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