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Originally Posted by Leg View Post
What the chuff has a car got to do with wealth? I paid cash for mine for starters, I couldve put the 56K down on a 430, paid finance for 3 years and handed it back instead of paying the balloon. Does that make me richer? Nope. Looks like I am, but its all fake.

Anyway, my children's school fees make buying a Ferrari look like a bargain. Not to mention utility costs which are equivelent to buying a car these days (try 220 a month for home gas alone never mind electricity, water etc etc).

In fact, now I look at it, I dont love my kids as much as I once thought but a 458 Italia, now that's love at first sight.

If only I wasnt scared of the wife.......;-)

PS. Just a comment but cars are silly as status symbols. I commute in the Mini yet I own an M3. It's still me, am I any less succesful when I'm driving the Mini? People might think so eh. Am I, the man in the Mini Works with an M3 both of which are paid for less succesful sat in his Mini at 8am than the guy in the Aston Martin thats on finance and is due to be handed back in 3 months? Never judge the guy sat in the shitbox Ford Mondeo on the commute. He might have a classic supercar at home that only comes out when it's sunny.
Agreed. Very well put mate.