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Some words of advice to you arrogant, uniformed, self-absorbed BMW owners who think you know a thing or two about your cars but really just bullshit through life:

1. If you look at any other forum's "aggressive fitment thread" you will see something gravely different than what's in here.


1. If you're not on coilovers - you're not aggressive.

2. If you fenders are not at least rolled - you're not aggressive

3. If you have wheel gap- you're not aggressive

4. If you do not have wheel gap as a result of your meaty ass tire - you have meaty tires; you're not aggressive.

5. If you're above the minimum tire size requirement for your given wheel size - you're not aggressive. This is preventing you from being aggressive.

6. If your offset is not at least 10mm lower than your stock wheels - you're not aggressive.

With all of this said, all of you have very nice wheels. So all this is is a wheel thread. So most of you need to try again. Learn a few lessons from Pre- E46s

- An STi that dynos more torque on a stock turbo than any of you will N/A