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Originally Posted by 1cleanm3 View Post
Im really eager to get this kit, and wanted to get owners insights. How do you guys like kit? Is it a big difference from stock? Does the car pull way harder? Any problems? How much wheel/crack hp and torque should i expect.

I know the kit cost 8000 dollars , how much extra is the tune? What exactly does not having the intercooler mean? Is this bad? Do i need an intercooler? Will my car over heat? What is the best place to get it installed in Socal? Rennspec..autotalent? Does the kit come with EVERYTHING needed? Or is there other things needed to install.

What is the difference between the 535,575,600, 625 kits besides the intercooler and power. I see theres a big jump from the 535 to 575 in pricing.

How does the dealer treat you guys, did they automatically void the drivetrain warranty?

The ones with big brakes kits and not, do you guys think its a must or must not.

This is a big step for me for obvious reasons, not really the money. I dont want to deal with issues/headaches and stuff like that because I have no time for this stuff right now in my life. I want something that is headache free and ive heard gintani and ess are the ish. However Gintani kits are more $$. Not trying to start a war here between the two so dont get into that. Please only honest answers from owners or owners friends and such, I know theres a lot of ESS fan boys here (m33) , please keep this decision peaceful. Ess i would greatly appreciate a comment . I havent heard one thing negative about ESS and after speaking with Romen at one of the meets, im convinced.

Thanks guys!
1) IMO The M3 with a supercharger is a super car ! It puts a smile on your face every time you drive it ( i call it therapy )
2) It's a big difference from stock it's a totally different car .
3) i have never experienced any issues with my kit.
4) I personally would recommend getting a inter cooled kit ( power is more efficient & keeps temps down )
5) The difference in the ESS staged kits are Software, injectors , intercooler & pulley/boost .
6) I get my oil changes and services as i would with out the blower with out any problems ( I've went to 4 different dealer's with out any problems whatsoever )
7) They won't void your warranty just because they see a blower now if you came across a problem due to the blower that's a different story .......
8) Choose the Kit/company that best suits your needs "" Peaceful""
9) BBK is not really needed if your a spirited driver , now if you have a heavy foot then yeah get BBK ( although it's smart if you equally upgrade all levels on the car Power/Brakes/Suspension )
10) you said it yourself their is not one unhappy ESS SC'r owner ( problem free and that's with 150+ kits sold )

Good Luck on your Purchase