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Originally Posted by 1cleanm3 View Post
I would appreciate it if you spent more then 30 seconds on a reply post and answer the other questions.

You asked for inputs from owners I assumed, not manufacturer. I just cleared up the factual questions.

The kit is virtually maintenance free, change SC oil and basically forget about it.

The VT1-535 is a low pressure kit that is extensively tested in 120+F heat with no issues whatsover. In fact it is one of my favorite kits as it gives so much power with no headache and top build quality at a reasonable price point.

The warranty is valid for self installers, and this kit is actually very easy to install so anyone with basic wrenching skills can easily install it themselves.

The major difference between VT1 and VT2 is the intercooler system and boost pressure. Personally I find the VT1-535 more than quick enough.