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Originally Posted by llis View Post
The reflectors were easy, although after removing the first one safely (using the tape trick), I brilliantly thought I'd take a picture of it loose as part of documenting the process, and that's when I dropped the reflector into the bumper! I did the double-chopsticks-with-wad-of-tape trick Bunny mentioned to fetch it out, took only 3 or 4 tries to finesse it out. The second reflector was tighter, harder to get out, harder to get the new one in.

Once that was done, I moved on to the matte black grilles, using a clear photo-laden post found elsewhere (titled "Edition Front Grills DIY"), and replaced the OEM grilles in about 30 minutes of work. (Tip: You can do it with your hands, but some tabs are easier to reach with one hand, others with the other, and it's still awkward. I'm lucky I didn't break a (not very long) nail.)

"After" photos:
beautiful pics, llis. your car is lookin' even more aggressive -- love it! lol, i can't believe you dropped your reflector, too :P

I installed my gloss black grilles a few weeks ago and only had a hard time with the tab closest to the headlights. It helps to have small hands and fingers though.

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