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Speaking of cheap labor, my wife got rear ended in her Ford SUV last year. We were living in the middle east for my job. Any way, I took my car to the dealership there and they wanted 700 dollars to fix it. I thought that was reasonable at the time, as an accident like that would have cost me about 2,000 dollars back in the US. Well, the other guy's insurance refused to pay, so I knew I was having to pay the 700 dollars out of pocket. A guy at the dealership told me to take it to his cousin's shop out in town and said it's cheaper. I took it to the other shop out in town and dropped it off. I had to go out to town for a few days, so I just told the guy to go ahead and fix it and not call me with permission first, since I was going to be traveling. I came back a few days later, and went to the shop and saw my car was all fixed. The car looked really good. It also has some under damage and not just cosmetic damage, but it looked like he did a great job. The guy saw me and came over. I asked him how much I owed him, and he started to tell me how sorry he was that it cost more than he originally thought. He stated that one of the back lights was not available second hand/used and he had to buy it from the after market shops and that cost more than he had planned. I was not comfortable hearing that part, but asked again how much I owed him. He answers 35 dollars. I was like what? I asked him if the light cost 35 lights? He said no, total cost was 35 dollars. It was going to be 30 dollars to fix the car, but it ended up being 35 and that was the extra he meant. the 5 dollars. I was very surprised, but I took out 40 dollars and told him to keep the change. I told my wife and she could not believe it either. I am still expecting a call any day telling me that he screwed up or something because I really can't believe how cheap it was. Oh, by the way, the car does look great man. Great job for a friction of the cost. AWESOME!!!!!!!