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Originally Posted by ghosthi32 View Post
calm down fanboi
LOL inorite? Way to represent OSU after we've seen plenty of civilized and knowledgable OSU fans in here engage in educated football conversation....

My point was acutally valid about how having a healthy Michigan team would help the Big Ten's reputation, as SEC is seen as top dog right now, and Michigan has a good history against the SEC. Ultimately, your conference is judged by how well it does outside its own boundaries, and seeing as how the SEC is the measuring stick, it's always helpful to do well against them at the end of the year. That's what would be good for the Big Ten, instead of getting dragged through the dirt every bowl season.... But if you can't see beyond what's good for your school, to what's good for the conference, or how that even relates to you, that's fine too.

Ever want to throw an OSU fan into a tantrum? Mention the SEC.

Although I was impressed with their showing this year. They finally didn't suck against the best conference in the nation, hands down.