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Originally Posted by NFIDDY5 View Post
'97 championship doesn't count as a real national championship. It was shared with USC. Personally, I would love to see Michigan fail epically w/Hoke like they did w/DickRod. I am one of the few that doesn't believe the Big Ten needs a Michigan team to be strong. I wanna see them continue to lose 8-10 games a year forever and us continue to paste them by 30 every year for the next 50 years. F*ck Michigan. We loved DickRod in Columbus.

It was shared with Nebraska. We didn't get a chance to play for it, went in to the bowls #1 in both polls, won our game against a better opponent (Peyton clearly wasn't up to being in the game for Tennessee with that bum knee and it showed), and lost the AP #1 as a result of collusion to confirm the validity of the upcoming BCS system which was introduced the next year. Anyway, it doesn't really matter. Hoke was there for a team that gave up 8 pts a game and took the lumber to a lot of good opponents back when the Big Ten was actually a strong conference, while producing a great number of NFL players.

Does the Big Ten need a strong Michigan to survive? No, but it would sure help. We seem to be one of the few teams who has a winning record in bowl games against the SEC in recent years, even when we include this year's shellacking at the hands of Mississippi State. I can't say every team from the Big Ten shows up against those other conferences in the big games.