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Originally Posted by Sean05 View Post
GTS wheels are not powdercoated they are painted...

Also not sure where u getting them powdercoated but usually they ran 60-70 per wheel..

If i were u dont powdercoat... Get them annodized or paint it..

This is the reason why major company's dont powdercoat... IE: VOLKS, BBS etc.
Sean, with all due respect, I have to disagree with you. I saw your posts raving about how horrible powdercoating is. It is simply not true and I think your claims don't have much merit. You mentioned you bent all your wheels that were powdercoated... I am guessing you bent the lip, not the face- so did you powdercoat the lip? How do you know they would not have bent if they were painted?

HRE, DPE, IFORGED, ETC all powdercoat... why? Because it is 100x more durable than painting. Any professional powdercoating shop knows the proper temperature to do the baking process. Its those half-ass shops that you mention that charge 1/3-1/2 the rate where you would have problems.

I have been through over 20 sets of wheels between my last three cars, and the few that I have had painted I regretted every time. The finish looks like crap within a few months. With powdercoating, the finish could last you years without needing a refinish. I have NEVER had any problems with powdercoated wheels. My own zcp wheels are powdercoated and have had no problems for over 1500 miles. I have hit quite a few major potholes over and over with 0 problems!

Please, keep this thread on topic. If you are not interested, I am politely asking for you to stay out. Thanks
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