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Originally Posted by Graystone View Post
I have335i what car do u like best tuned335or m3 and y. I'm on the fence seems the m is more fun on track and on real roads the 335may be more fun, is the suspension that much better in the m...wish I could get a loaner for a week
Well, it depends on what you are looking for I guess. My tuned 335 was faster in a straight line than my M3 with filter and pulleys. The 335 just had massive torque man. It was fast. The M3 has no torque at all. Feels like my old Honda Civic at low rpm, BUT, when you wind it out to redline it's just heaven. Where the M3 really shines is on the track though. My 335 had stock suspension, stock brakes, and crappy Falken FK452, and really seemed to struggle at Willow Springs. I'm sure if you swapped out the brakes and suspension it would be pretty good. The other problem I had was overheating. You'll need an aftermarket oil cooler if you are going to blast at the track. Other than that, I liked the 335. To me, it was a modern day Supra and I love turbos. Ultimately, I just preferred a track ready car.

That said, my M3 has now been sold. I had the itch for more horsepower and am either headed towards a GTR or 997 Turbo.
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