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Originally Posted by monsta View Post
true it would be fun to "smash the pedal" as you say, but explain your title M3 vs. Viper....Viper would eat it alive any day of the week, maybe not in the twisties but you still have to factor in the diff. in HP & what exactly is your point? I'm a bit lost...were's my Nav...jk

p.s. yeah it has an exotic factor but IMHO just in looks..IMO its a mech. had one & he sold it b/c all it would do is over heat & his daughter kept getting burned when exiting the car since the exhaust runs along the side...
Uhh, Twisties - CHECK

Viper will eat the new M3 in EVERY Performance category. It's a totaly different car built from the ground up for Performance. Luxury, comfort, fit & finish, etc... that's a different story...