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n00b: do I need an oil change

I just bought a 2008 M3 Sedan 6spd. It has only 8500 miles. I read the manual about checking the oil/service levels, and I think it's wanting an oil change.

When I start it up, I don't get any indicator, but if I toggle through the service menu (non-idrive), all of the service things have dates in 2012 and 10-20k mls left in orange. I assume this means when it needs service or in how many miles it needs service.

The oil one turns red and just says 08/2010. There is no miles countdown, and unlike the other menus, the little oil can symbol. The car hasn't been driven much since it went on the market. With only 8,500 miles, it seems like perhaps the oil time counter went expired in August.

Am I reading this right? If so, I'll get it down to the dealer ASAP to get taken care of.