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Originally Posted by aaron529 View Post
Mirror have blind spots. Even in a small car like my 1er. I always turn my head esp when i'm pushing it on the highway and switching lanes like a douche...turning my head has definitely saved me from some accidents.
Actually there's a trick to eliminate the blindspots created by your sideview mirrors. If you can see the side of your car in your sideview mirrors, you're using them INCORRECTLY.

To set the driver's sideview mirror place your head against your driver's side window and adjust the mirror until you can see the side of your car in it.

To set the pass sideview mirror, place your head right in the center of the car, right above the shifter, and adjust until you can see side of the car in the mirror.

This shifts the blindspots out a lane further than where they used to be, therefore virtually eliminating them. This method is actually taught at the BMW Performance driving school in SC.