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Originally Posted by M3onTwomps View Post
People will get whatever they want. Who are you to tell them what they should or shouldn't get?

e36Jakeo, I respect your choice and driving experiences... but they do not necessarily apply to everyone. I can understand if the M3 was going to be the GEM of my garage, I'd want it with the CF roof, since that is a signature feature of the car.

However, with an Evo (no sunroof), a 997 GT3 (which btw comes with a sunroof in the US, take it or don't buy the car, or buy the GT3RS for 20K more if you can get one), an Elise (leave hardtop on all the time), a Boxster S (vert) an S2000 (vert) and the Radical SR3 racecar (not street legal) in our stable... the M3 fills the position of "cruiser" for me. Therefore mine will have a sunroof. The car is "soft" already in comparison to the others we have!