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Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post

The last "real" season of F1 was 2004. V10 engines. Tire changes allowed. Refueling allowed.

Since then we've seen

2005 - Tire changes banned

2006 - Tire changes re-introduced but V10 banned in favor of V8

2007-10 - V8 development frozen, innovation in F1 killed off via insane bans on track testing and wind tunnel usage, V8 further handicapped with lower and lower RPM limits, the complete disaster known as KERS, terrible aerodynamic rules that make the cars look like ass, refueling banned, manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota and BMW driven out due to the regressive direction of the sport, competition among tire manufacturers killed dead as Michelin was forced out, now Bridgestone is gone as well

And now 4 banger turbo engines, a VTEC fanboy's wet dream.

Every season F1 comes closer and closer to being a spec racing series, which is completely contrary to what the sport is supposed to be. The word "Formula" in Formula 1 refers to the "formula" that is given to the teams before the start of the season. They are given a set of rules to work in and then they are free to produce the fastest, most innovative cars they can, within those rules. Now it's going to just be a set of spec chassis, transmissions, and engines built by a single company with different sticker packages on them.
First of all, how does a season where ONE driver wins 13 out of 18 races classified as a "real" F1 season?

Secondly; people are talking like we haven't seen turbos in F1 before..we have...and if you think the cars wont be as fast or sound as good I think you're in for a real shock.

And Finally; BMW, Toyota, and Honda are out of the sport because they did a quick ROI calculation and decided spending 400 million a year during a recession wasn't in the companies best interest.

P.S. VTEC fanboys would also be happier with NA power.