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Modifications #3 & 4 - Black Gloss Grilles & Side Markers

Try as I may, I'm not even at 500 miles yet on the ODO, so I can't really throw any performance parts on the car yet. I'd like to drive the car around a bit in stock form and get a feel for its performance so I can have a point of comparison when I actually do drop performance mods on the car like intake, pulleys, exhaust (and maybe ECU). In the meantime, I thought a few more subtle cosmetic changes wouldn't hurt. So I had EAS drop on the OEM gloss black kidney grilles, and gloss black side markers.

Love the side-markers, but I'm thinking I might want to go with the IND full gloss front grilles (as opposed to the OEM piece which is only gloss around the edge). I invite everyone's thoughts.

(p.s. in the final picture you'll notice the car with the OEM 18's and not my ZCP's. The 18's were loaned to me by EAS while they powder coat my ZCP's. Still debating between a Satin Finish and Gloss. Leaning towards Satin. Again, I invite everyone's thoughts. Photoshops would be especially welcome.)

Kidney Grilles Before (by way of comparison)
Name:  dsc03095235364.jpg
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Kidney Grilles After
Name:  IMG_1651.jpg
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Side Markers & Kidney Grills (along with a higher res picture of the tint)
Name:  IMG_1655.jpg
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