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Modification #2 - Huper Optik Tint

With the much needed Angel iBrights out of the way, and after a few days of in depth discussions with EAS and IND formulating our treatment of the car, it was time to knock out the next much-needed yet basic mod - tint. I knew I didnt want anything over the top, but rather something simple and clean.

As long as i've been on this (and other) boards, Han at STM Solutions in LA has been the go-to-guy for tint work. (He'd kill me for calling it tint and not film. haha. Sorry Han. Old habits die hard). With that said, I gave Han a call and arranged an appointment. What strikes you first about Han is that he knows everything there is to know about tinting BMWs (and those pesky raised dots that make tinting our cars so annoying). He knows exactly what films will achieve a specific look whether its ceramic or non ceramic, madico or huper film, limo black or barely noticeable, wrapped around all the way or front windshield bare.

Having had a number of other cars with Huper Optik tint, it's something I swear by. Han is a big fan too. What strikes me the most about Huper is that it's blackness leans more toward the earthy side of the spectrum than the blue side of the spectrum, which i love. It gives you a very unexaggerated look. But on a more subtle note, and perhaps equally as important, you never ever ever step into a "hot" car with Huper. It truly keeps the heat out. That's something that I really come to appreciate here in southern california where things can get hot, especially in light of the fact that my cars have had black interiors. Mind you, this is of course just my opinion, and there are plenty of other excellent films to choose from. This stuff is all subjective.

Together with Han, we settled on Huper Optik Ceramic Film. 40 all the way around, 50 on the windshield. Here is the final result.

Before (by way of comparison):

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After (color difference in car is a result of this being a cell phone camera as well as the time of day - Better pics to follow)

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Tint together with Angel iBrights
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