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Modification #1 - Angel iBrights

It was less than one week ago today that I took delivery of the car via the "Hoegh Chiba." It was a long and excruciating wait, but it was all the more worth it when I finally took delivery of the car here in the States. I knew the time had come to truly enjoy the car, and to start down the path of modification.

Some modifications you just want. And then there are those that you feel you need. Looking at my stock coupe the first two things that struck me as needing immediate attention were 1) tint and 2)headlights. The car just felt naked to me without them. More important to me than the tint though, were the headlights. It grates on me to look at the pale yellow of our stock headlights while our non-M 3series brethren drive around with those beautiful bright white LED headlights (which they received as part of the LCI) - a revision that the M3 for whatever reason, never received. Though I don't understand why we never got those beautiful front LED's, I suppose that's besides the point. I wanted bright whites. Badly. So first thing was first - A quick trip to EAS to get Angel iBrights installed while I began discussions with them about the future of the car and its overall direction.

A big thanks to Steve, Anthony, and Tom of EAS for all their help, feedback, and many hours of research in helping to refine my vision.

All that said, here are a few pics of the first in a series of mods. Next up, tint.

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Half and Half
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