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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
What makes you think they'll spend millions of dollars developing two entirely new low-volume high-performance NA engines?
It costs more to build a high reving turbo engine like the McLaren MP4-12C's V8, than to add direct injection to the S65 and S85 that were built from zero for only one generation and two cars, E9X and E6X. Why not continue and profit from it? You could even make a 90 V12 from it.

Never though BMW would be the first among Mercedes and Audi to not offer even one single NA engine. Mercedes will still have the SLK AMG (NA 5.5l V8) and the SLS AMG (NA 6.3l V8) and Audi will still have the R8 (NA 4.2l V8 and NA 5.2l V10), the RS5 and maybe even the next RS4 (NA 4.2l V8) and the A8 W12 (NA 6.2l W12).

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