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lol like the one guy said, go for the inbetween car and get an S5 or something, their hot and a two door like the 1 series......still debating that car man it doesnt photograph all to well but when its rolling down the street its pure #$%.

otherwise go with the BMW, out of the mercs my freinds have had they brake allllll the time and personally their just behind the times as far as design goes still a bit weired unless you get the brand new 2011 ones.

to me the car class goes like this= when i say perfomance I mean handling and control, luxury i mean ride comfort and amenities.

BMW = performance first, luxury comes second.

Mercedes = luxury first, performance comes second.

Audi = in the middle but does neither as well as the other, unless your talking interiors Audi kicks #$% in interiors and spanks the compition hands down. especially in the human interface department.

the mercs can drive fast in a strait line but are a bear to corner in

have you sat in the new A8 it drags the new 7 series up and down the street, the finest interior i have had the pleasure to sit in.

Funny thing is mercedes and bmw have had a long long war with eachother and never bothered to see Audi sneeking past them, their on their way to be supream!

also has anybody seen the new A7, its stunning in person best front end yet.... well still not as good as an R8 but then again what is.