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Originally Posted by adc View Post
Just a word of caution - at least on the E46 cars if I remember correctly, the 3 nuts that hold the front spring hat onto the tower brace need to be replaced every time (and they are expensive). The reason given was that BMW uses a special stretchable nut (the torque being very low).

I'm not sure if this is fact of myth, but I think if I went to the trouble of replacing the springs, I'd spring for new nuts (pun intended).
Should be reusable, because the torque is so low. But definitely do NOT over torque it. It is expensive because it is a special BMW-spec nut.

On BMW service manuals, BMW makes clear of the nuts/bolts that REALLY need to be replaced, i.e. the bolts on the propeller shaft. Those nuts are actually torqued beyond yield (torque value + torque angle).