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Wink Esquire's Dakar Yellow M3 coupe - a Photo Modification Journal (NEW MODS POSTED)

Build Progress

Modification #25 --------- [MRF Engineering X-Pipe] LINK, LINK 2 (Discussion Thread) NEW -added 6/22/2013

Modification #24 --------- [Color Matched Reflectors] LINK, LINK 2

Modification #23 --------- [ESS VT2-625 Supercharger] LINK, LINK 2

Modification #21 & 22 ---. [Piano Black Center Console & M-Stitched DCT and E-Brake Boots] LINK, LINK 2

Modification #20 --------. [KW Clubsports] LINK, LINK 2

Modification #18 & 19 ---. [OSS Headlights w/ Full Blackout & Revinora r-CRT front lip] LINK, LINK 2

Modification #17 ---------.[Macht Schnell Stage 2 Air Intake] LINK

Modification #16 --------. [Vorsteiner CSL-Style Bootlid] LINK

Modification #14 & 15 ----[IND Matching Keyhole Cover and IND full gloss kidney grilles] LINK

Modification #13 ---------[Macht Schnell Rear Spacers Increased to 15mm] LINK

Modification #12 ---------[BMW Individual Piano Black Trim] LINK

Modification #11 ---------[GP Thunder Cornering Bulb Replacement] LINK

Modification #9 & 10 ----.[GTS Wheels (ZCP Powder Coated Satin) & Macht Schnell Spacers (15/12mm)]LINK 1, LINK 2

Modification #5,6,7 & 8 - [Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust, Challenge Diffuser, Pulleys, and Intake]LINK

Modification #3 & 4 ----- [Black Gloss Kidney Grilles & Side Markers] LINK

Modification #2 ----------[Huper Optik Tint (40 All Around/50 Front)] LINK

Modification #1 ----------[Angel iBrights] LINK

__________________________________________________ _______

Original Thread

It feels like forever ago now that I placed a call to Ryan Amico of Steve Thomas BMW. But really, it was just September of last year. I was about to begin the process of placing an order for the European Delivery of a car whose vision had been emblazened in my mind since I was a young teenager - an M car steeped in the tradition - and one whose color had captured my imagination since before I was even able to drive - Dakar Yellow.

And so I placed my order for European Delivery : a 2011.5, Dakar Yellow, M3 Coupe, fitted with Black Novillo, Carbon Leather trim, DCT, Competition Package and the now-emblematic Carbon Fiber Roof. I threw in a few other options for good measure of course - heated seats, ipod integration, premium sound (a must have option for people who love music as much as I do), and a few other goodies here or there. But none of them mattered really... what mattered most was getting the car... quickly. However, it seems, as I learned the hard way, European delivery is not for those of impatient ilk, such as myself. It turns out that you can't just swing by Germany and grab your car off the lot. Haha. Who knew?

After some back and forth, my Munich pick up date was set for the absolute earliest date available: December 1st - which at that point was more than 2 months away. Even that was too far away. The wait was excruciating. So as the days crawled steadily by, my restless mind began to toy with the absurd - to indulge in an Individual interior. Before I knew it, what was first a playful idea in my mind, all of a sudden became a "must-have." I have no idea how it happened; but it did. And so the day before my order became unchangeable, I called Ryan and told him to amend my order. The conversation went something like this.
Me:"Hey Ryan"
Ryan: "Yeah whats up?"
Me: "Uhm. Yeah. I want Piano Black now"
Ryan: <silence>
Me: <silence>
Ryan: <silence>
Me: <silence>
Ryan: <silence>
Me: "hello?"
Ryan: ".... Okay. Let me see what I can do"
To his credit, Ryan made it happen. BMW Individual agreed to throw on Piano Black! Unfortunately though,it was going to take two extra weeks to get the pieces prepared and ready. "Two Extra Weeks!!?!?!" I said. "You have to be kidding me." The problem was not the wait. It was that I had already purchased my tickets to Germany, and they were non-refundable. With a little persistence we stumbled upon a solution though. The amazing people at BMW M/Individual, specifically the Head of BMW M/Ind. for North America & Canada (who's name I unfortunately can't name) made some phone calls and arranged to have the Piano black pieces shipped out directly to me as soon as they were ready. My Dakar Yellow coupe with Piano Black Trim was going to be a reality!

Time passed and December 1st was finally upon me. I could drone on and tell you all the details of my European Delivery trip, which was a simultaneously beautiful and bone-chilling experience (literally), but it's nothing you haven't heard before. If you're a true fan of BMW, its an amazing experience. But, if you're doing it just for the discount - don't bother.

And so I present to you my Photo Modification Journal. Beginning with my Euro Delivery of my car in stock form, and ending in the present day, I will update this journal with photos of each and every modification made to the car in chronological order, along with a few words here or there discussing the process. Though I already, have an overall theme for the car emphasizing its existing black gloss accents (black carbon fiber roof, black gloss shadowline trim, and piano black interior trim), I hope to use this journal to invite and collaborate with others in the community to help further refine my vision where any ambiguity exists. (I look forward to this being an exercise in civility and respect and constructive feedback)

Anway, to give you guys an idea of where this car is going, here are a list of my expected future modifications:
  • Vorsteiner CSL style trunk/bootlid
  • Black Gloss or Black Satin Powder Coated Competition Wheels
  • Akropovic Full Titanium Exhaust Powder Coated Gloss Black Tips**
  • Piano Black Trim
  • Angel iBrights
  • Huper Optik Tint 40 all around (50 front windshield)
  • IND Gloss Black Kidney Grilles
  • IND Gloss Black Side Markers
  • Euro Front Bumper w/ Front PDC
  • Challenge Diffuser - Gloss Black or Carbon
  • Revinora or Luma Front Lip Gloss Black
  • Spacers
  • Macht Schnell Pulleys
  • Macht Schnell Air Intake

Without Further Ado.... I welcome you all to my Photo Modification Journal. I hope you guys enjoy it.

December 1st, 2010 - Taking European Delivery at BMW Welt in Munich, Germany

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Updated mod list as of 3/12/12:

[Performance Mods]
* ESS VT2-625 Supercharger (w/custom Satin Black & Gloss Dakar Yellow Manifold + Gloss Yellow Blower)
* Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust System for e9x M3, complete with 100cpi catalytic converters
* Akrapovic Delete-R
* ESS Performance Software Tune

[Aesthetic Mods]
* M-Stitched DCT & e-brake boot
* IND Gloss Black Kidney Grilles
* IND Gloss Black Fender Gilles
* IND Matching Keyhole Cover
* Color-matched Front Reflectors
* Huper Optik Ceramic Tint (40 all around / 50 front windshield)
* Vorsteiner CSL style Bootlid Trunk - Dakar Yellow
* Challenge GT "Race" Carbon Rear Diffuser
* Revinora r-CRT front lip - 1x1 Carbon Fiber Weave
* BMW Individual Piano Black trim + Custom Piano Black Center Console

[Lighting Mods]
* OSS Designs v2.0 High Powered Angel Eyes w/ Full Blackout in Semi-Gloss
* MTEC 6k Crystal White Bulbs
* GP Thunder Cornering Bulbs

[Wheel & Suspension Mods]
* KW Clubsport Coilovers
* Satin Black Powder Coated ZCP's
* Macht Schnell Spacers - 15mm front / 15 mm rear

Previously Installed but removed
* AngeliBright v4.0 10W LED Angel Eye upgrade
* BMW Edition Black Chrome Front Grilles
* BMW Edition Black Chrome Side Markers
* Mach Schnell Rear Spacers 12mm
* Macht Schnell S65B40 M3 High Performance Air Filter
* Macht Schnell M3 S65 Performance Underdrive Pulleys
* Macht Schnell Stage 2 Air Intake

* Brembo BBK
* Custom Interior Contrast Stitching
* Flux Capacitor

- esquire

[ESS VT2-625] [Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust] [KW Clubsports] [OSS Angel Eyes] [Revinora r-CRT Lip]
[Vorsteiner Boot] [Challenge Race Diffuser] [See the Build Thread HERE]

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