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We can say that about any car though...spend X money..why not get this? Besides, Martin has a GT3 ..we all know Porsche and Nissan doesn't get along
Originally Posted by turbo911cm View Post
The car looks great, like the direction of the build.

Would I have gone that far with the car on parts, no, but that does not matter because it is not my car. I probably would have stayed away from the SC and wheel size if this was a track car only, but since it has a hybrid purpose, sure, go ahead, it is not my car.

The cheaper side of me keeps chiming in saying, for how much all those parts cost plus install, would a GT-R been a better choice? (I know it is blasphemy to say this on a BMW forum- I do own an M3 and love BMW, but I am sure the flame suit should be put on anyway) It would not have been modded probably like the M and would have just been another GT-R in the crowd I guess.