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Apparently, to the 500 actual buyers dishing out the cash the LFAs, it is not. Like economics say "consumer will pay what the market will bare". It is no one's business, but the buyers spending the cash that determine "fair market price".

I have never heard anyone here calling a $1.1 million dollar Zonda R, $1 million dollar carbon fiber Enzo Ferrari, $1.1 Million Veyron, $440,000 Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE or a $500 carbon fiber Porsche Carrera GT overpriced.

Yet, despite all the expensive engineering innovations (including new patents for technologies such as, inventing a complete new process to weave carbon fiber and machines that will be used to mass produce carbon fiber), capabilities, accolades and every luxury imaginable standard, a $375,000 Lexus LFA that is completely bespoke and shares nothing with anything else is singled out as "overpriced".

That is where the double-standards come into play that I am talking about and would have still been deemed overprice even if it was priced at $170,000 since it still would be challenging the status quo and Lexus should not be doing that.

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So true lol. I've actually grown to really like that car, but the pricetag is still ridiculous.
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