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Originally Posted by Feyd View Post
No I'm with you... It'll be interesting to see how much a court would award damages on the $32million the USPS paid for the team. After all there were lots of members that benefitted from the sponsorship, not just Lance..

As I've said, I've been following this for quite a while (~2 years I'd say) and there is clearly some deceptive practices going on. Not just with Armstrong, but all cycling teams. Probobly why I think it intrigues me so much.. it's like a real life crime thriller coming to life.

FWIW, he probobly wouldn't make my list either, but there are far worse people out there who claim to be angelic (something Lance has never wanted/tried to be). Not saying the ends justify the means, but I guarantee there are people out there who won't care one iota about him being guilty or not.
After following all the PED use in baseball this blood doping aspect really interested me...Catlin and his affiliation with Armstrong and the 9:1 outlier he never acknowledged, hemocrit levels, the differences between testosterone and epitestosterone, HemmAssist and Baxter (based in Deerfield lol) and it's very short range of detectability, and Michele Ferrari drastically changing his blood doping regimes after Lance was diagnosed with cancer, their continued contact through 2009....just goes on and on and on, from the beginning of his career straight through today

It's clearly a level in this case that is above and beyond a simple cyclist looking for an advantage. He ran the team, and if accounts are true, the blood doping was basically a team order, from him. The article lists the potential for conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering, racketeering, trafficking, and defrauding the US gov't. That's a little more serious than your average steroid/doping case lol. I consider Tony La Russa and Mark McGuire to be among the worst, but their legal transgressions don't even begin to compare with that list.

It sort of reminds me of Enron TBH, everyone in the organization knew what was going on, and even those who knew it was wrong didn't really have a choice but to go with it. They were illegally making the energy market, he was doing likewise in cycling.