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Originally Posted by Edward View Post
Let's face it. Aside from maybe 1 out of every 15 MT drivers on this entire forum, you guys can't properly drive a manual transmission to even give yourself an edge over a real slushbox steptronic.
DCT > 6MT in every way.
And all this talk about heel-toe. please, heel-toe shifting merely allows you to rev match (imperfectly I might add unless you're a professional driver) which DCT does a million times over with perfect execution, further allowing you to focus on more important things like braking, turn-in and exit.

Sorry, I just love throwing wood on the fire.
People drive 6MT (me included) over DCT for the same reason that even poorly skilled home chefs like to cook. You might get a better end result by having somebody/something else do the work for you, but sometimes the real fun comes from learning and doing the work yourself.