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Originally Posted by MVagustaf4/e93m3 View Post
Love the bike!!! Hey we should do a Italian bike meet up for m3 owners,
I have a MV Agusta f4 1000.
Let me know! Do you track your MV?

Originally Posted by kaykay View Post
Congrats on a great car!

I like the wheels, but they don't compare to those gorgeous ZCP wheels - def looked better stock.

I have to ask, WHY in the world did you spend money on ZCP when you trashed the wheels and the springs??? Makes absolutely zero sense.
I purchased the car with the intent on mounting my LM's. My buddy purchased the wheels for the cost of the ZCP package, so what did I really lose??? I didn't buy the ZCP package for the wheels anyway (..I've owned a ZCP M3 before); I purchased the package for the EDC and M-Drive. I could really care less about the wheels. I did, however, jump at the chance to own a set of rare LM's (..which I'm already getting offers to buy them via PM). It's just unfortunate that these particular wheels don't photograph well. Asking me why I modded a car is like asking some of the owners here....

...Why did you pay for Enhanced Premium Sound only to rip it out and upgrade to aftermarket stereo components?


...Why spend 70k on a fully loaded coupe only to take everything off of the car and load it with aftermarket parts???

The answer.........personal preference, and customization based on what the owner likes. Rarely do M3 owners leave their cars completely stock. More power to you if you decide to leave your car as is.

I'm surprised that you haven't asked me why I purchased a perfectly good 2010 Ducati 848 and turned it into a track bike (...and nothing that is currently on that 14k bike came with it. It's all aftermarket! Talk about a waste of money..... ).

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