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Been following this for quite a while.... and still not sure where I stand.

Of course if he's guilty I'd hate for him to get credit where credit isn't due, but at the same time no one can deny what he's done for cancer research, etc. so I'd also hate to see all of of those great inspirational accomplishments get downplayed/tossed aside so that they can burn this dude at the stake and make an example out of him.

Much as Lance was quoted saying, doping is very prevalent in cycling. Lots and lots of riders say the same thing, so it's obvious a conviction isn't going to change how the sport is played.

Again, I'm on the fence, but I'd have to say that it's a loose/loose and proving Lance's guilt (or at least trying to prove it) will ultimately ONLY hurt the sport.

And regardless of how you feel about Lance as a person.. Landis/LeMond are some of the worlds biggest douche-nozzles. There is rarely ever been anyone who whine as much as these two do. Landis isn't sorry for what he did, he's just sorry he got caught and LeMond is just a bitter person all around.