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I don't believe it...I was going to do that EXACT same color combo once I get my SG M3 this May. Guess I can't anymore without being a poser looks fucking badass though!
Well if you think like that, then just keep your car stock. Because everyone has done either supercharger, exhaust, rims, and other things so you are bound to at least copy someone in one way or another. That's what I thought too before I started modding, and when I saw the naked girl on his plenum I wanted it too. its not copying. obviously not the exact same image but something similar. its your car. do whatever you want and enjoy it, who cares what people think. Do it for yourself, doesnt matter what ppl like or think. Peace
You're absolutely right. I meant that i wanted to do that same color combo (GT3RS style), but I got beat to it haha. I should have restated what I said. I'm still going to do it because it looks so good. cheers!
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