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Originally Posted by maswastage View Post
If it sounds like I'm ragging on this engine, it's because I kind of am. I just don't see the point of a gasoline 4 banger. It's not like it's anything radical or new. They could make a diesel 4 cylinder with the same horsepower and performance only it would get a very real US combined 35mpg. Now that would be an impressive engine. This? Meh.
True enough, but how many people do you think will believe a BMW to have a performance penchant with a small diesel under the hood? Forget the Bimmerpost crowd, we "get it," but the rest of the buying world? Not so much. It's going to be hard enough to sell a 4-cylinder, but at least BMW can tout the big power numbers and the decent fuel efficiency of this engine. Me? I want a 123d!!