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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
What makes this a cool camera? If it's got their full-frame sensor, then the potential IQ is very high, but why not a Zeiss or a German lens? Looks to me like it make lack features of their top digital rangefinder and yet cost more. I don't get it.
Dave, this is like asking what makes the Apple iPhone cool?

In regards to the Leica, the engineering and quality is arguably second-to-none. When they had the trade show here, I played around with their entire line. I'd have to say they make some insanely good products, albeit lacking many features that you'd find in cameras 2-10x less in price.

The main advantage of the X1 over the M9 is autofocus and built-in flash. It's also significantly cheaper than their rangefinder models. But, as far as a point-and-shoot camera, it's hard to beat its IQ. As I recall, it's not full-frame like the M9, and you can't switch lenses. That being said, it's a pricey point-and-shoot that probably isn't worth the money. But, to each their own.

Oh yeah, and Leica lenses/bodies are german-made.

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