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Originally Posted by paintpro21 View Post
This is on topic as everyone has to go through the same decision making process. Once people get more of these setups mounted and pictures posted we can start including more specific fitment data/reviews.

Originally Posted by paintpro21 View Post
No spacers are needed at all. Those offsets are perfect both front and rear for those width wheels. Members are already running 18x10" square setups with 275 r-compounds front and rear. It even bolts on to a 100% stock car with no camber plates, suspension mods or anything.

For you specifically a 275/285 or 275/295 combo would work well.
Thanks. I'm in for the group buy... 10" square (changed it from 10/10.5). I figure that gives me the option to play with F-to-R staggered by 10mm or square to see what I like ... given there are tire sizes available of course. FWIW, I have the Ground Control conversion kit - bought specifically so I can play with camber up front bc the stock setup literally ate my OEM PS2s in 3 DE events. I'l probably start with the BFG R1's since they seem to have a good rep & some width options (265, 275, 285). Looks like 275 is the only option for the Nitto NT01; they force you square there. Any other recommendations on wrapping them up?
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