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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
Wait...did I read this correctly, you are still waiting for a porsche?

Ok getting to the body of your reply, "non-sensical" & "critiques", my fear is that you are not a driver and therefore none of this makes sense to you, you are more of an accountant when it comes to cars, you merely crunch numbers and come out with a solution or answer. You can't do a SWOT analysis on what I'm talking about here, it's an approach, it's a formula it's a Quartz vs. Automatic,

Your cold hearted approach to cars does land you right into a GT-R, it's a perfect fit for you. But for the rest of us car lovers it goes back to the natural philosophy of racing as Colin Champman said "Adding power makes you faster on the straights, while subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere." - the weight, and the technological attributes of the GT-R make it less of a car and more of a computer. Do you dispute this?

As for the price of services and maintanence, are you telling me that the average GT-R owner only pays $2,000 for 19,000 miles. BULLLLLLSHHHHHHH.......a set of tires will run you 2,000, not sure how you got to 20k on the Re070s without needing another set, I'm not sure how you got away with under 500 for transmission fluids, special oil changes, who rotated your tires? Should be doing that every 8-10k miles, how are you brake pads? By 25,000 miles I bet you will have spent anywhere from 6k-10k in total costs. If not you are totally babying the balls off of that car - which compliments my point of the special treatment of the GT-R.

So have you owned or extensively driven a GT-R? Or a GT3? Or a GT2? Or an R8? I'm guessing a guy that's "m3 dreaming" has not. And if that's the case you're the accountant in this little debate. Telling someone that has owned a GT-R for almost two years which way is up is bizarre.
BTW, my comment on the price of maintenance was without tires since that isn't covered by any car maker and would hardly be something that would cause an owner to make it a garage queen.
So have you owned or extensively driven a GT-R? Or do real drivers just magazine race?

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