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Naturally aspirated BMW death watch

For now I am keeping this mainly (with some exceptions) to North American products for the sake of simplicity. I will expand to worldwide products if people wish to contribute the needed data/specs.

N73 V12: Dead
Replaced by: N74 TwinPower V12
Last seen: E65 760i, E66 760Li
Still used in non BMW brand products: Rolls Royce Phantom (@ 6.75L)

N62 V8: Dead
Replaced by: N63 TwinPower V8 and N54/N55 TwinPower I6
Last seen:
4.8L: E60/E61 550i, E63/E64 650i, E65 750i, E66 750Li, E70 X5 xDrive48i
4.0L: E60/E61 540i, E65 740i, E66 740Li
Still used in non BMW brand products: Morgan Aero 8 and Wiesmann MF4, both rumored to switch to N63 V8 soon.

N52 I6: Still in use
Replaced by: "N20" TwinPower I4
Still seen in:
3.0L: E8x 128i, E9x 328i, F10/F11 528i, F25 X3 xDrive28i, E89 Z4 sDrive30i
2.5L: ?
Last seen in: E84 X1 xDrive28i
Still used in non BMW brand products: ?

S85 V10: Dead
Replaced by: S63 TwinPower V8
Last seen in: E60/E61 M5, E63/E64 M6
Still used in non BMW products: none

S65 V8: Still in use
Replaced by: "S55" I6
Still seen in: E9x M3
Still used in non BMW products: Wiesmann MF4-S

For fun, which BMW do you think will be the last to use a naturally aspirated engine (for North America)? At this point it looks like it will probably be an E92/E93 M3 or 328i, or a E82/E88 128i.
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