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Why not change your little avatar/icon picture to a GT-R?

I bet money was a factor when deciding to get the GT-R, actually I'd love to hear what you would get if you had 25-30% more budget to procure a vehicle, I bet it would not be a GT-R.

The GT-R is a facade, a low entry fee but supercar service, maintaince and treatment? The F is this ? the older Skyline GT-R could be a daily driver - now GT-R owners are forced to treat the GT-R like a garage queen...I see more people daily drive an SL AMG then a GT-R for the mere fear of what it will cost them.

Anyway my reasoning is two fold:
1. the GT-R goes against the grain when it comes to inspiration and rewarding the driver with feedback and communication with the road, the GT-R does everything to prevent this relationship by being heavier and how it's computer interacts with the road and driver.
2. GT-R owners pay too much and deal with too much bs, if you're going to get a supercar you might as well go all in.

I wouldn't say this is the fault of the owners, for the entry fee the GT-R is a great buy, but after day one I'd say not so much. Sure it's less than an R8 but the R8 owner deals with less bs and has a far sexier machine.

The option of going to another GT-R over a GT3 wasn't a money issue . I was impressed with my first one and the 45 hp and suspension upgrades made it a no brainer. The 2012 GTR is just too big of a performance leap over the GT3. The GT3 was a car that I was looking at over a year ago. I already owned a GTR and CLK63 Black Series at the time I was going take the plunge. I parted with my Merc thinking I could use the GTR in the winter and the GT3 in the summer. An inflexible dealer and a little common sense snapped me out of that and I bought an X6M instead.

Frankly, I wasn't even considering a GT3 this time around. I was debating between a Turbo S and a GTR. Money played a factor there. Now I'm going to sit out the 911 platform until the 991 Turbo or GT3 appears. I will buy then.

Your comments are way off base on the GTR. Have you owned one? Have you driven one extensively? It just sounds like you're coughing up GT-R haterís rhetoric. When people start using nonsensical terms like "inspiration" and "facade" in critiques and saying it would lose its luster after a day my eyes roll way back. How is it a garage queen? Maintenance? Really? I drove one as DD for 19000 miles and my grand total for maintenance was $2000. Itís not cheap but itís hardly supercar expensive.

The GT3 is a great car(as are most 911s) but so is the GT-R. Anyone saying it isn't is either blinded by snobbery or ignorant.

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